Client Recommendations


Kelley Banks, AIA

Vice President at Flansburgh Architects, Boston MA

"Lane persevered through through several long days of a challenging building shoot and generated beautiful images of a new elementary school in Beirut. He used both dawn and dusk time slots, and navigated the dramatic terrain to come up with bright and colorful views among the urban clutter."


Gail Bouvrie

Director of design at AC Martin Partners

"Lane has a fabulous eye. He was hired to shoot a series of challenging interior and exterior photographs; each presenting very different conditions. He was able to move effortlessly from shot to shot, and gave each full attention and extreme care. He was able to see and anticipate changes in light to the best advantage. He made sure the evening shots were gotten in the slim window when the light would be perfect. He is thrilled by the “perfect night sky”. He actively listens and engages in dialogue about how to make the work artful while also meeting the goal initiated by the architect. He clearly has a love for architecture and his art. He is exacting and uncompromising. He went back to the site on his own time, because he wasn’t quite satisfied with the results of one shot. His post production work is meticulous and thoughtful."


Arthur Golding

Architect at Arthur Golding and Associates

Lane has an architect's understanding of space and a painter's eye for color and light, together with a deep knowledge of photography and all the skills to create extraordinary images that communicate architecture.


Nouhad Makdissi

Consultant and former Director of Public Relations for Solidere sal, Beirut

Lane is a highly proficient photographer and an extremely creative artist who captured very well the character and aesthetics of Beirut and its city center. It was a pleasure working with him.


Sarah Lorenzen

Chair Architecture Department at Cal Poly Pomona

Lane Barden gave an excellent lecture about his Los Angeles Corridor projects at Cal Poly Pomona in September 2012. Lane has a deep understanding of how Los Angeles works. His work brings clarity to a city that is almost impossible to parse. Lane conveys this knowledge with mesmerizing photographs and lively story-telling. Through Lane's visual and academic studies we too can begin to see how goods, water, and people move through a city. Lane showed us the Alameda Corridor, the Los Angeles River, and Wilshire Boulevard as seen from the passenger seat of a helicopter. We are all most grateful that Lane brought us along for the ride.


Michael Rotondi

Principal, RoTo Architects

lane is a fine artist and his medium is photography.
he sees with x-ray vision,
he listens to what is being said about intentions,
he thinks for a moment as he absorbs the new information,
he then lets his intuition go to work.