Lane Barden Photography

Phone: 213.804.5415


Lane Barden Photography is a full service architecture photographer, providing publishing quality photographs for promotional, advertising, and editorial uses for architects, publishers, developers, and agencies. Please call for an estimate, as prices vary based on a wide range of conditions for each job.

Are you thinking of letting a friend or a kid with a camera shoot your project?  Here is why you should hire a professional and why you should hire me.

  • Your project will never look as good as it does when it's new. You may have just one chance to photograph it. I know how to make the most of this window of opportunity and get it right. I also know how to prepare older projects to look their best.

  • I have a practiced critical eye, and years of experience with challenging on-site logistical and lighting problems. I know what it takes to solve these problems and make your project look better than you knew it could look.

  • I have exceptional digital post-production and retouching skills. I can take an image to the next level without making it look over-worked or artificial.

  • I carry insurance to protect you from exposure to liability.

  • I know how and when to get signed releases from people in your photographs so you won't get sued. I know how and when it is necessary to get shooting permits so you won't get fined.

  • I am flexible and easy to work with.

  • I can quickly provide private on-line web galleries for you to choose images that work best for you.